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About Life Weaving Education

Why do we need Life Weaving Education?

Who can benefit from Life Weaving Education?

What are some of the topics included in Life Weaving Education?

Who is the author of Life Weaving Education? Jude LaClaire, Ph.D.

How can Life Weaving Education applied?

Where has Life Weaving Education been taught?

Life Weaving for Educators

The curriculum awakens the individual to his/her own unique gifts in the journey of problem solving, learning, and healthy growth and development. This whole brain learning and healing is done in partnership and harmony with others and the environment.

Life Weaving Education: A curriculum for the 21st Century provides a practical, creative model assisting educators in teaching skills for responsible living, learning, decision-making and communication.

The Life Weaving Education Curricuium is based on these concepts:

This Curriculum engages students in holistic learning experiences that will:

Training, workshops and consultation in Life Weaving Education are available through the Life Weaving Institute. Workshops and training can be designed to meet your school/agency’s specific educational needs. The Curriculum can be presented in separate modules or a series of training modules. Please contact Jude LaClaire by writing, calling or e-mailing for further information.

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