pharmacists_lotionPharmacist’s Lotion

Two naturally-occurring substances used by the skin to maintain moisture are urea and lactic acid. Both of these ingredients are included in the hypo-allergenic base of the Pharmacist’s Lotion, resulting in unmatched healing of rough, dry, cracked skin. In addition, pramoxine is added to help with winter itch. And when combined with our Renewal Cream, wrinkles and age spots disappear. One bottle will confirm what hundreds of people have known for a decade: you won’t find a better lotion. And for a heavier-bodied cream for the cuticles, hands, elbows and knees, try the Pharmacist’s Créme.

Renewal Cream

You can use the same natural substance chosen by dermatologists for reducing wrinkles and bringing younger skin to the surface — glycolic acid. Well-researched and documented, Renewal Cream has up to twice the glycolic acid and costs half as much as the expensive creams made by cosmetic manufacturers. Remember, it is high-potency and you must follow the directions carefully.

Progesterone Cream

This is the same pharmaceutical-grade progesterone we use for the prescriptions we compound. The maximum progesterone concentration available without a prescription means less cream gives greater results. And because it comes from our compounding lab, you can be sure it is real progesterone — unlike many other creams that have no actual progesterone. What could be better? A price that is almost half of other over-the-counter progesterone creams!

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